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Meet My Endorsers

Unions & Organizations

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Statewide Leaders

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-- Jared Polis
Governor of Colorado

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-- Dianne Primavera
  Lieutenant Governor
  of Colorado

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-- Congressman Joe Neguse
US Congressman for CD2

"The people of Larimer and Boulder counties have the opportunity to elect a Senator who shares their values of supporting middle class families and good paying jobs that will help them afford a safe home, good healthcare, and an education for their children.

She understands the pressures on the family budget and how local representation can help in these trying times. She shares my own dedication to being accessible and responsive to her constituents.

I can think of no one who can better serve our community then Janice Marchman by representing the people of Larimer and Boulder counties honestly, fairly, and equitably."

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-- Phil Weiser
Colorado Attorney General

"As attorney general, and a parent, I see firsthand the importance that our schools are safe for students, as well as the critical need for expanded mental healthcare investments.


Janice Marchman is a teacher who has spent her career working with students and our educational system; she'll bring commonsense solutions to the State Capitol to support our students and Northern Colorado families.

I'm proud to support Janice Marchman for Colorado State Senate!"

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-- Senator Mark Udall
Former Colorado Senator

"Janice has demonstrated a spirit of collaboration and understanding that is necessary to lead. I know she will be able to find common ground with all of her constituents and bring their voices to the State Senate”

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-- US Senator John Hickenlooper
Colorado Senator

“Janice has demonstrated a strong commitment to being an accessible and responsive leader. As an educator, she understands the needs of families and the importance of sincere representation. I know Janice will work for the people of Larimer and Boulder Counties to uplift workers, fight for our children and their education, and improve opportunities for all Coloradans."

State Legislators

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-- Senator Steve Fenberg
Colorado State Senate President

"The people in Senate District 15 deserve to have their values represented in their state Senator's legislative priorities. Janice will carry forward our community values of compassion, justice, and integrity in the Senate. Her background as an engineer, teacher and elected school board member will help her hit the ground running."

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-- Representative Andrew Boesenecker
HD53 - Fort Collins

“We are both educators that have spent many hours fighting for students and educators in our community. Janice will continue to be a champion for public education at the State Capitol and I look forward to serving alongside her.”

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-- Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis
SD17 - Longmont, Lafayette, Louisville, & west Erie

"We need a strong and experienced education leader in the Colorado Senate. I endorse Janice Marchman 110% and think she will serve Boulder County well."

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-- Representative Cathy Kipp
HD52 - Fort Collins

"I've known Janice Marchman for years. We both served on our local school boards and are huge advocates for public education. It would be an honor to serve with her in the Colorado State Legislature, where I know she would be a powerful voice for Larimer County's kids."

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-- Senator Mike Foote
Former SD17 Senator - Longmont

“We need passionate, dedicated leaders like Janice to keep our air clean, and protect our communities from devastating wildfires and droughts. Janice will bring her data-driven method to solve the environmental issues that Larimer and Boulder counties face” 

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-- Senator Jeff Bridges
SD26 Senator - Englewood, Greenwood Village

"Janice has the heart and tenacity it takes to work for, and win for, the people she'll serve in the Senate. After a lifetime of building relationships with folks from different backgrounds and experiences, I'm confidant Janice will help us find the shared values and common ground we need to move Colorado forward"

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-- Senator Brittany Pettersen
SD22 Senator - Lakewood, Golden

"Janice's experience in both the private sector and in public service give her unique insight to understand the needs of Colorado's working families. She has both the background and the empathy to serve her constituents. I am proud to endorse her for Senate."

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-- Senator Rhonda Fields
SD29 Senator - Aurora

“Janice’s experience as a teacher, school board member, and community leader has given her the passion and heart to do the people’s work. I stand with Janice and look forward to working with her in the Senate.”

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-- Senator Jessie Danielson
SD20 Senator - Lakewood, Evergreen

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-- Representative Karen McCormick
HD11 - Longmont, Lyons, Niwot and Allenspark

"As a veterinarian, I appreciate new STEM voices joining the legislature. Janice's background in evidence-based problem-solving is needed as we face the issues ahead. I would be proud to share Longmont with her."

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-- Representative Edie Hooton
HD10 - Boulder, Gunbarrel

“Janice brings a unique set of credentials and work experience to the table. She is an engineer, an educator, former school board member, and a mother of two and she will represent and advocate for the values and priorities of Boulder and Larimer counties."

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-- Representative Judy Amabile
HD13 - Boulder, Larimer, Gilpin, and Clear Creek Counties

"I am confident that Janice would serve this district well, and would be proud to represent Boulder and Larimer counties with her."

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-- Representative Tracey Bernett
HD12 - Longmont, Lafayette, and Louisville

"Coloradans need clean air and water for healthy living and commerce. Like me, Janice recognizes the importance of taking steps now to preserve clean air and water in the future. She also values the health and well-being of workers in all industries in Colorado. As a fellow engineer, I know Janice approaches issues using evidence and data. It's my honor to endorse Janice Marchman for the new SD15. She will represent Boulder and Larimer counties well."

Local Leaders

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-- Jacki Marsh
Mayor of Loveland

"Janice has been a long time community

organizer and advocate for our children,

families and schools here in Loveland. She has demonstrated great ability to build bridges between people, develop real solutions to the issues, and be an accessible voice for all. In the State Senate, I know Janice will continue her work to make Loveland and Larimer County a strong community that works for everyone, no matter their party, income, or address."

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-- Cecil Gutierrez
Former Mayor of Loveland

“As a middle school teacher, teacher leader, Mom, volunteer, and former school board member, Janice knows the issues our families face. She will represent this new Senate District well. "

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-- Gordon McLaughlin
District Attorney, 8th Judicial District

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-- Jeni Arndt
Mayor of Ft. Collins

“I admire Janice’s experience as a public school teacher and her past involvement in her community. I know she’d represent the interests and values of the new Senate district in the legislature!"

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-- Aaron Brockett
Mayor of Boulder

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-- Hollie Rogin
Mayor of Lyons

"I strongly support Janice Marchman for SD15 because I believe she will represent the entire district well. I trust Janice to hear and understand the concerns of the diverse collection of SD15 communities, and to transform that understanding into action for the benefit of us all."

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-- Kristin Stephens
Larimer County Commissioner

“Janice has dedicated herself to public service in Larimer County for years. She has advocated on behalf of children, youth and families through organizing and volunteering. Janice's leadership style personifies service. She will be an outstanding State Senator."

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-- John Kefalas
Lamier County Commissioner

"Janice and her husband, Mike, have raised their family and lived in Larimer County for 17 years. Janice knows our community, having served families in many ways. She is intelligent and humble, two qualities that will be important in the legislature."

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-- Alexandra Lessem
Thompson School Board Director

"As a long time community member, teacher, mother, and former School Board Director, Janice has a full understanding of the needs of schools and working families in our community. She will advocate for these needs at the Capitol and ensure real Coloradans are prioritized over corporations and special interests. We could not ask for a better candidate for this seat."

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-- Jody Shadduck-McNally
Larimer County Commissioner

“We need hardworking leaders like Janice to fight to keep our air and water clean, and protect our communities from devastating wildfires. I know Janice will work with fellow Larimer County leaders to find solutions to the environmental dangers that we face."

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-- Pam Howard Thompson
Director of R2-J Board of Education

“Janice is a sensible, civil and approachable leader, prioritizing relationships over special interests. She considers all perspectives, using data to make decisions. Janice will bring people together to improve the lives of families and business owners in our district .”

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-- Andrea Samson
Loveland City Councilor

“Janice is an experienced elected official whose love for our community is apparent in everything she does. Her heart is to serve our community and to care for and listen to all of our residents.”


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