Meet Janice


I’m Janice Marchman. I’m a mom of two older teens, wife to my husband Mike for over 22 years, and a middle school math teacher and tutor in Loveland. My family has lived in Larimer County for 17 years and I'm running to represent it in the new Senate District 15.

I want to be your voice; your eyes and ears at the State Capitol in Denver, representing the working families and parents in our community. I want to lift the concerns of my retired neighbors about the rising costs of health care and utilities to a place where there is relief. I want to protect and steward our beautiful Larimer and Boulder County natural spaces; our air and water,and forests.

Through the many conversations I've had with my fellow community members, we understand that there is hard work to do to help those suffering from financial hardship, homelessness, addiction, and isolation. 


Let’s work together to help the families around us. Let's attract the high paying jobs, quality public schools, affordable housing, and health care that we deserve.


Strong Representation Matters