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As both the former Vice President of Thompson School District and a public school teacher at Lucile Erwin Middle School, I see firsthand how vital a quality education is in shaping our children's lives. From kindergarten through college, Colorado’s children deserve the best possible foundation for their future.

Colorado ranks 41st in per-pupil funding, 43rd on education spending, and 50th in teacher wage competitiveness. This is unacceptable. We need to provide the supports our teachers and students need to make sure they can learn the skills necessary to thrive in our community.

As your next State Senator, I will fight to make sure our children receive the education they deserve by increasing investments to our schools infrastructure so public K-12 schools can afford AC, heating and school supplies; improve teacher's pay so we can retain talented educators here in Colorado; invest in vocational & trade programs so our kids can gain experience in good paying jobs right here in our community; and support efforts to reduce the cost of higher education so young people don't have to take on a mountain of debt before starting their careers.

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