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Student Loan Multiplier for Adjuncts 

Sponsors: Senator Marchman

With this bill, public and nonprofit employees will qualify for federal loan forgiveness after ten years of making student loan payments. Unfortunately, adjunct and other part-time faculty are particularly affected by a full-time requirement to qualify. They are typically paid per classroom contact hour, which creates an impediment to getting credit for their actual work. Each hour of direct instruction provided by part time or adjunct instructors happens as a result of time spent out of the classroom on tasks like planning, student meetings and grading. This bill applies a multiplier of 4.35 to each hour of direct instruction to accurately reflect the full time work, allowing part time or adjunct instructors to qualify for the loan forgiveness program. California, Oregon, New York, and Washington have already passed similar laws, and this bill will echo a PSLF Mutiplier bill at the Federal level, only with a higher multiplier applied.

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