Coloradans Need Clean Air and Water

Senate District 15 is home to Rocky Mountain National Park and the countless state parks that make ours the most beautiful district in the state. Not only are our natural spaces beautiful, but they are also major economic drivers for our communities, as well as cherished outdoor spaces

for all to enjoy.

We need bold leadership who understands that keeping our natural spaces clean and safe is key to protecting our recreation, economy, agriculture, and livelihoods.

A key part of protecting our natural and residential spaces is combating the growing threat of wildfire. Wildfires have become a year-around danger to our mountain communities and all across the front range. we can no longer afford to be reactive - we must be proactive in our efforts to enact legislation to protect our environment and homes.


As your next State Senator, I will work with our skilled local leaders from Loveland to Lyons to implement solutions to combat the worsening drought that our state has been enduring for years, protect our urban and rural communities from the devastation of wildfires, and ensure our natural treasures can be enjoyed for generations to come.