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Our Business Community Needs Help

In recent years we have seen the presence of labor shortages, lower profit margins, and higher consumer prices grow in Colorado. With far too few feeling relief from federal action, it is time we enacted local polices that will truly benefit the middle and working class to ensure that all Coloradans can thrive.


Unlike many who run for office, I live the middle class values I am running on every day. As a public school teacher, community organizer, and mother, I know what it will take to ensure all Coloradans can gain employment with fair wages, save for retirement, and have the opportunity to enter and stay in the middle class.


As your State Senator, I will put our main street businesses and workers at the center of discussions in the Legislature. I will support Small Business Growth Programs that provide economic support for entrepreneurs just starting out; direct funding towards our main street businesses to help recover from the COVID-19 pandemic; advocate for the fundamental right for workers to participate in unions, and support a workers' right to paid sick & family leave.

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