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Families Are Struggling With The
Rising Cost of Living

Working families are struggling with their monthly budgets due to the rising cost of living we're experiencing. People are increasingly unable to buy a home or even rent affordably in our communities. We need relief!


Health care costs are also rising. The roads we use for commerce and to commute to work and school are in need of repair and improvement. Our public schools require funding and increased pay for school staff to ensure our children receive a quality education.


In the State Senate I will support policies that ease the cost of living on working Coloradans, rather than increase it. I will support legislation to cap the price of life-saving medication like insulin, so Coloradans don't have to choose between their health and their food or rent; promote the creation of more affordable housing so families can save more of their paycheck; direct funding towards Larimer & Boulder County roads to repair & modernize our aging infrastructure; and expand rural broadband initiatives to connect our rural and under-served communities to affordable, high-speed internet.

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